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U10 Boys, Lions

The U10 boys North Andover Lions played a terrific exciting game against North Andover Cougars on Saturday October 22. It was a battle but the Lions fell stronger and stronger into their system of play as the game progressed. The game featured, among other things, incredibly powerful and well-placed shots by target ANDREW HOWARD. At the end of the game the team was convinced that he is left-footed. But he’s not – he’s right-footed! Target CLAY URSU was equally powerful until struck down by an injury in the game. In the midfield the game featured width and anticipatory runs by left and right midfielders NICK BARRETT, ETHAN FINNEGAN, GRAHAM PETERSEN, and HAYDEN KNIGHT, and the completing of triangles and diamonds by center midfielders MATT WHIDDEN and AYDIN CEBI. Left back ETHAN WEISSMAN – who played most of the game with no sub – made amazingly accurate and thoughtful passes forward, and along with right backs HARRISON JENKINS and ETHAN BOURASSA did a terrific job of clogging the middle and preventing shots on defense. Keepers JON PLODZIK and ANDREW LADD were awesomely engaged and directing teammates and both made great saves!

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