Referee Procedures

NASA Referee Procedures      Click here to download this page

• All communications via email. Check your email frequently.
• To give up a game, email the list, including referee director at, offering to
give up the game. If a referee would like the game they must email the referee director who will
then let them know if they have the game.
• Likewise, to accept a game someone is giving up, email the referee director offering to take the
game. The director will then let you know if the game is yours.
• To swap a game, follow the process outlined above.

• U10 is $20 per timeslot. U8 is $15 per timeslot.
• You will receive a check at the end of the season when you return your shirt and turn in your game
• Only the referees signed up for the games will be paid.
• Referees will only be paid for games they reported.
• After 2 unexcused no shows, you will forfeit the remainder of your games for the season.

Before The Game
• Maps to fields are listed at, click on “Field Maps”.
• Check after 7:30 AM for cancellations. If cancelled, your match will be rescheduled 8
days and 3 hours later.
• Show up 15 minutes before game time with your referee shirt, badge, whistle, and stopwatch.
• There is a reserve referee at each location and timeslot. This referee will referee a game if one of
the other referees does not show, or be a second referee for one of the fields.
• Check players for proper equipment – shinpads must be worn; no baseball cleats, jewelry, or hard
hair clips. Teams should all be the same color, except for the goalkeeper. In cold weather, pants,
sweatshirts (under the jersey), soft caps, and gloves are OK.
• Get coaches signatures on your game card.
• Start the game on time, the game schedules are very tight.

During The Game
• KNOW THE RULES FOR U8 AND U10. Read the U8 and U10 Program carefully before and during
the season.
• Be in charge on the field. Blow your whistle loud and clear on fouls and let the players know what
you are calling and how the game will be restarted (kick or throw in).
• Help correct the throw-ins.
• If parents are difficult to deal with, ask for help from one of the coaches. Put this in your game
• If a coach is difficult to deal with, ask for help from the coach of the other team. Put this in your
game report.
• If the coaches of both teams are difficult to deal with, stop play, end the game, and walk off. Let
me know immediately. NASA will take appropriate action.

After The Game
• Record the score on your game card and hold on to it until the end of the season.
• Email the referee director with the results of the game, and any
problems with players, coaches, spectators, or field conditions. Although teams do not keep score,
NASA would like to track lopsided games.

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